Tickets of the Year: 2021 Edition

The Chameleon Tickets of the Year blog returns for a second time! To close out the year, we’ve gathered and answered some of the most commonly seen user problems brought to the Help Desk’s attention in 2021. As always, creating a helpdesk ticket is the fastest way to reach the Chameleon support team and get help, though it doesn’t hurt to check our documentation and the Chameleon FAQ as well!

Chameleon Changelog for November 2021

It's our post-SC wrapup! In this month's changelog, we've got several new edge devices to announce, as well as improvements for UEFI boot support, a better way to view and track your allocation spending, and more.

Using Chameleon for Artifact Evaluation

Increasingly more computer science systems conferences are using Chameleon for artifact evaluation. Learn more about how to use Chameleon for reproducibility; including tips both for organizers of these events and artifact authors. 

A New Facial Authentication Pitfall and Remedy in Web Service

Researchers at the University of Missouri explore novel middle-man data poisoning attacks with facial authentication applications and propose a defense architecture. Learn more about these attacks, their solution, and the researchers themselves in November's featured user experiments blog.

IndySCC 2021 on Chameleon

This year Chameleon hosted the IndySCC competition, analogous to the in-person Student Cluster Competition (SCC) of Supercomputing. Teams use cloud/shared resources to optimize a variety of HPC workloads in order to complete the most computations during a 48 hour final, all while staying below a strict power cap. Learn more about the compettion, Chameleon's support, and where you can see the results. 


Attending SC21? Check out the initiatives Chameleon is supporting including workshops, papers written using Chameleon, and more! If you’re presenting something at SC21 and not on this list, send us an email!

Chameleon Changelog for October 2021

In this month's changelog, we're excited to announce a new batch of hardware at CHI@UC, including more flexible network topologies, some very high-powered nodes, and InfiniBand-connected GPUs. We've also added support for provisioning ARM-based machines to support CHI-in-a-Box associate sites who wish to configure ARM nodes. As always, more inside!

New Experiments with New CHI@UC Hardware

The recently released Chameleon Phase 3 hardware will support new experiments in networking, disaggregated hardware, and more. Learn more about the different types of hardware and what kind of experiments they're best suited for!

ALERT: Accurate Anytime Learning for energy and timeliness in software systems

Learn about University of Chicago PhD student Chengcheng Wan's research on designing a solution to integrate machine learning components into traditional software systems to maximize energy efficiency, latency, and accuracy constraints at machine learning, system and application levels, with related research published at USENIX ATC, ICML, and ICSE.

Chameleon Changelog for September 2021

In this month's changelog, we announce a few really cool new features, one of which has been on our most-requested list for a long while: PI delegate! Besides that, there is a brand-new preview capability that allows you to share your Trovi experiments with non-Chameleon users so they can reproduce your work w/o an allocation. More details, as always, inside.