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Join Us in Advancing Scientific Research through Reproducibility on Chameleon Cloud

Chameleon Cloud's initiative for advancing scientific research through reproducibility invites the community to contribute to a growing repository of reproducible experiments. With state-of-the-art resources, Chameleon Cloud's Trovi service enables researchers to create and share their experiments as reusable artifacts. The upcoming Reproducibility Hackathon, a virtual event on December 15, 2023, offers an opportunity to transform experiments into valuable community resources. Users are encouraged to submit their Chameleon-based experiments for reproducibility packaging to enrich the platform, fostering a collaborative and innovative research environment.

Announcing Virtual Reproducibility Hackathon – December 15th, 2023 – HOLD THE DATE

Learning how to produce reproducible experiments on Chameleon

We are excited to announce our Virtual Reproducibility Hackathon taking place on Friday, December 15th, 2023! See the details below for more information.

Chameleon presents AutoLearn, IndySCC'23 success, and more at SC'23

Chameleon talks, papers, posters, and more - all to be found at SC'23

Attending SC’23? Check out the initiatives Chameleon is supporting at the event including workshops, papers written using Chameleon, and more! If you’re presenting something related to Chameleon at SC’23 and not on this list, send us an email – we will update this announcement with relevant information as we get it.