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Chameleon Changelog for April 2024

This month, we’ve been mostly focusing on improving the Chameleon backend, and don't have any exciting new features for you. We still found some time for a few things that hopefully will make experimentation easier, including an upcoming reproducibility workshop, an updated Chameleon tutorial video, and two new Trovi artifacts: for orchestrating instances and using SSH on CHI@Edge.

Connecting SLICES-RI and Chameleon

An Approach towards Portable, Reproducible Experiments

"Connecting SLICES-RI and Chameleon: An Approach towards Portable, Reproducible Experiments" explores the creation of replicable scientific experiments through 'pos', a novel tool and methodology. Integrated with Chameleon and other public research infrastructure, 'pos' allows researchers to replicate experiments reliably across shared infrastructures. This collaboration aligns with the SLICES-RI initiative to enhance research portability. Authors Henning Stubbe, Sebastian Gallenmüller, and Georg Carle also share insights into maintaining adaptability and variety in long-term research projects, crucial for advancing experimental reproducibility and collaboration.

CHI@Edge: Transitioning from Successful Preview to Full Production

Unlock the power of edge computing with CHI@Edge - In production now!

In 2021, we introduced CHI@Edge, a cutting-edge testbed tailored to the dynamic needs of edge computing and IoT research. Our initial offerings included a robust selection of devices like Raspberry Pi 4s, Nvidia Jetson Nanos, and Jetson Xaviers, tailored for high-performance yet low-power edge computing tasks. Today, we're thrilled to announce the transition of CHI@Edge from a widely embraced preview to its official full production phase.

SAVE THE DATE: November 18, 2024 - Reproducibility Workshop in Atlanta, GA

Community Workshop on Practical Reproducibility - Monday, November 18, 2024 - Atlanta GA

As the digital age accelerates, the importance of reproducibility in computational science has never been more critical. This year, we are thrilled to announce a workshop focusing on the theme of "Practical Reproducibility" in Computer Science. Scheduled for November 18, 2024, at Terminus 330 in Atlanta, this full-day workshop promises to be a milestone event in advancing the science of reproducibility.