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Chameleon Changelog for April 2023

As we prepare for the 2023 Chameleon User Meeting, we finish off April with a new Trovi artifact, simple tools to build chameleon images, Xilinx improvements, and blazar client fixes. Don’t forget about the outage at CHI@UC May 7-12.

How to Port your experiments between Chameleon Sites

Best practices for using resources across multiple sites

Chameleon's resources are distributed across multiple sites. If you'd like to move your work between sites, say to take advantage of different hardware, or to find available nodes, good news! It's pretty easy, and this post spells out the details.

Storage Research Experiment Patterns on Chameleon Cloud and Trovi

Today, two UChicago students share with us their thoughts on how to create reproducible experiments in a cost effective manner. Ray Sinurat and Yuyang (Roy) Huang talk about the experiment patterns for storage experiments they created and describe how they can serve as a basis for developing storage experiments. Best of all – they share the experiment patterns with the Chameleon community – we hope you will find them useful!