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Join Us in Advancing Scientific Research through Reproducibility on Chameleon Cloud

Chameleon Cloud's initiative for advancing scientific research through reproducibility invites the community to contribute to a growing repository of reproducible experiments. With state-of-the-art resources, Chameleon Cloud's Trovi service enables researchers to create and share their experiments as reusable artifacts. The upcoming Reproducibility Hackathon, a virtual event on December 15, 2023, offers an opportunity to transform experiments into valuable community resources. Users are encouraged to submit their Chameleon-based experiments for reproducibility packaging to enrich the platform, fostering a collaborative and innovative research environment.

Announcing Virtual Reproducibility Hackathon – December 15th, 2023 – HOLD THE DATE

Learning how to produce reproducible experiments on Chameleon

We are excited to announce our Virtual Reproducibility Hackathon taking place on Friday, December 15th, 2023! See the details below for more information.

Chameleon presents AutoLearn, IndySCC'23 success, and more at SC'23

Chameleon talks, papers, posters, and more - all to be found at SC'23

Attending SC’23? Check out the initiatives Chameleon is supporting at the event including workshops, papers written using Chameleon, and more! If you’re presenting something related to Chameleon at SC’23 and not on this list, send us an email – we will update this announcement with relevant information as we get it.

Chameleon at SC '23

We would like to congratulate Alicia Esquivel Morel and the team for the acceptance of their paper, AutoLearn: Learning in the Edge to Cloud Continuum, to the SC '23 conference as well as two summer REU students who had posters accepted to SC.

Running experiments inside a Jupyter Notebook

Chameleon’s JupyterHub is a great way to organize your experiments for practical reproducibility. To overcome its resource limitations, we describe how to extend the Jupyter Server Trovi artifact so that you can run your full experiment inside a Jupyter notebook.

Registration Grants for Reproducibility Hackathon at the IC2E Conference

We are delighted to offer a limited number of registration reimbursement grants for the upcoming Practical Reproducibility Tutorial/Hackathon at the IC2E Conference, which takes place in Boston, MA on September 25, 2023. Read on for details of this offer and how to apply.

Announcing Reproducibility Hackathon at the IC2E Conference

We hope to see you all on September 25th in Boston!

Calling all Chameleon users interested in reproducibiliity! As you have seen in our last month's changelog we are trying to make reproducible experiments on Chameleon more visible -- and now we are also organizing a hackathon that will help you package your results to be easy to reproduce on Chameleon via Trovi. Please, take a look and see if you can join us in Boston for a day of good ideas, good discussion, and good fun making experiments (including your experiments) more accessible! 

Announcing Digital Educational Artifact, autonomous vehicles at the edge

Join us on Tuesday, August 1st at 10 AM CT for a webinar that showcases how to teach machine learning using inexpensive and easy to find self-driving cars. We will present an educational module that allows students to configure an inexpensive off-the-shelf self-driving vehicle, generate training sets by driving the vehicle, and train models based on those driving sets, evaluate the quality of the training by observing the car in practice, and ultimately refine the training and watch the improvements.

The educational module is suitable for both educators and self-learners, open-source, and it can be highly configurable for specific classes …

Announcing ATC/OSDI 2023 Bird-of-Feather (BoF) Session on Reproducibility

More opportunities for Chameleon Users interested in reproducibility! The Chameleon team will host two Bird-of-Feather (BoF) sessions on Reproducibility at the USENIX ATC/OSDI 2023. The hour long BOFs will be held on Monday, July 10th and  Tuesday, July 11th in the 7-10PM time slot with more specific time and place to be announced at the event. 

Announcing reproducibility hackathon at ACM REP ‘23

Calling all Chameleon users interested in reproducibility! The Chameleon team will host a Practical Reproducibility for Computer Science Hackathon, taking place on June 29, at 11:00 PT, at ACM REP ‘23 at Baskin Engineering 2 - Room E2-599 in UC Santa Cruz.