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Recent news

  • CHI@Edge: Transitioning from Successful Preview to Full Production

    Unlock the power of edge computing with CHI@Edge - In production now!
    by Soufiane Jounaid

    In 2021, we introduced CHI@Edge, a cutting-edge testbed tailored to the dynamic needs of edge computing and IoT research. Our initial offerings included a robust selection of devices like Raspberry Pi 4s, Nvidia Jetson Nanos, and Jetson Xaviers, tailored for high-performance yet low-power edge computing tasks. Today, we're thrilled to announce the transition of CHI@Edge from a widely embraced preview to its official full production phase.

  • SAVE THE DATE: November 18, 2024 - Reproducibility Workshop in Atlanta, GA

    Community Workshop on Practical Reproducibility - Monday, November 18, 2024 - Atlanta GA

    As the digital age accelerates, the importance of reproducibility in computational science has never been more critical. This year, in a unique convergence with the SC24 conference, we are thrilled to announce a workshop focusing on the theme of "Practical Reproducibility" in Computer Science. Scheduled for November 18, 2024, at Terminus 330 in Atlanta, this full-day workshop promises to be a milestone event in advancing the science of reproducibility.

  • Chameleon Changelog for March 2024

    by Mark Powers

    This month, we are very excited to announce CHI@Edge is coming out of preview! We also have new artifacts that allow you to explore Fabnet with, and new per-user SU budgeting.

  • Baleen: ML Admission & Prefetching for Flash Caches

    Future-Proofing Data Storage: The Role of ML in Smart Caching Solutions
    by Daniel Wong

    In the era of exponential data growth, the "Baleen" project introduces a groundbreaking approach to flash caching, utilizing machine learning to optimize data storage. This method intelligently decides what to store and prefetch, significantly reducing the hardware required, lowering costs, and enhancing sustainability. This blog explores the challenges of managing vast data volumes and how "Baleen" offers a novel solution, poised to revolutionize data center operations and sustainability practices.

  • Understanding the New FABRIC Layer 3 Connection

    Multi-site experiments with FABRIC: Sometimes Layer 3 is all you need
    by Michael Sherman

    Discover how Chameleon's testbed capabilities have been enhanced with the introduction of the FABRIC Layer 3 connection in our new blog post. Learn about the powerful and flexible networking options it offers, how it simplifies the process of routing to FABRIC resources, and how it enables low-latency and high-bandwidth traffic routing between CHI@UC and CHI@TACC.