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Recent news

  • Chameleon Changelog for August 2021

    by Jason Anderson

    In this month's changelog, we announce support for "restricted" edge devices, allowing your research group to temporarily lock down a contributed edge device to only be reservable by your group, but also some more support for interesting peripherals like a camera connected to a Jetson Nano. For more details, come in!

  • Chameleon@Edge Community Workshop

    by Michael Sherman

    Date: September 9, 2021

    Location: The workshop will take place online, registered attendees will receive details closer to the event date.

    Registration: The registration is free and the workshop is open to all, but please bear in mind that registration will close on August 31st. Register at:  https://forms.gle/VmbaCquWMNXe7bCs6

    For more details, the call for participation, and agenda, please refer to the announcements page!

  • Chameleon for Education: IIT’s Intro to Parallel Programming

    by Melanie Cornelius

    Interested in using Chameleon for education? Illinois Institute of Technology’s TA and PhD candidate Melanie Cornelius and Dr. Zhiling Lan use Chameleon for undergraduate and graduate students in their Intro to Parallel Programming and Parallel and Distributed Processing classes. Learn all about how the course is structured, incorporating Chameleon into assignments, and tips for using Chameleon for education.

  • Using Paramiko to Tune Network Performance

    by Mason Hicks

    Interested in large-scale networking research? Learn more about GENI-style stitching and how to optimize host tuning for 20x performance increases with Python's paramiko package. This blog complements a fully packaged experiment on Trovi, so you can practice doing this yourself! New to Trovi? This blog also outlines how to start running the notebook on Trovi.