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Recent news

  • Expanding Horizons with CHI@Edge: New Peripheral Support

    Enhancing Edge Computing Research with Advanced Sensors and Cameras
    by Soufiane Jounaid

    This blog post introduces the latest advancements in peripheral support for the CHI@Edge research testbed. It highlights the platform's holistic approach to integrating a wide range of sensors and cameras, opening up new possibilities for edge computing experiments. The post covers recent updates to documentation and tutorials, showcasing specific peripherals like the Waveshare Sense HAT-B and the Pi Camera Module 3. It also provides real-world examples of edge computing applications in fields such as precision agriculture and marine biology. Researchers are guided through the process of utilizing these new capabilities, with links to comprehensive tutorials on GPIO, sensors, and camera integration. This update represents a significant step forward in CHI@Edge's mission to facilitate cutting-edge research in edge computing and IoT applications.

  • Chameleon Changelog for June 2024

    by Mark Powers

    This month, we are preparing for a big upgrade on July 15th. Additionally, we have CHI-in-a-box for edge sites, new hardware at CHI@UC, and improvements to project management.

  • Real-time Scheduling for Time-Sensitive Networking: A Systematic Review and Experimental Study

    Optimizing Network Performance with Chameleon's Computing Power
    by Chuanyu Xue

    In this study, Chuanyu Xue tackles the complex challenge of optimizing Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) for real-world applications. Using Chameleon's powerful computing resources, he conducts a comprehensive evaluation of 17 scheduling algorithms across 38,400 problem instances. This research not only sheds light on the strengths and weaknesses of various TSN scheduling methods but also demonstrates how large-scale experimentation can drive advancements in network optimization. Readers will gain insights from Xue's journey, including key findings, implementation challenges, and valuable tips for leveraging Chameleon in their own research.

  • Chameleon Team is Hiring! Apply Now

    Seeking out a talented Senior Research Software Engineer to boost our team
    by Marc Richardson

    Discover the impact you can make in scientific research as a Senior Research Software Engineer on the Nimbus team. Join us to innovate and transform science on the Chameleon platform!

  • SAVE THE DATE: November 18, 2024 - Reproducibility Workshop in Atlanta, GA

    Community Workshop on Practical Reproducibility - Monday, November 18, 2024 - Atlanta GA

    As the digital age accelerates, the importance of reproducibility in computational science has never been more critical. This year, we are thrilled to announce a workshop focusing on the theme of "Practical Reproducibility" in Computer Science. Scheduled for November 18, 2024, at Terminus 330 in Atlanta, this full-day workshop promises to be a milestone event in advancing the science of reproducibility.