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Recent news

  • ALERT: Accurate Anytime Learning for energy and timeliness in software systems

    by Chengcheng Wan

    Learn about University of Chicago PhD student Chengcheng Wan's research on designing a solution to integrate machine learning components into traditional software systems to maximize energy efficiency, latency, and accuracy constraints at machine learning, system and application levels, with related research published at USENIX ATC, ICML, and ICSE.

  • Chameleon Changelog for September 2021

    by Jason Anderson

    In this month's changelog, we announce a few really cool new features, one of which has been on our most-requested list for a long while: PI delegate! Besides that, there is a brand-new preview capability that allows you to share your Trovi experiments with non-Chameleon users so they can reproduce your work w/o an allocation. More details, as always, inside.

  • Announcing Chameleon Live!

    by Isabel Brunkan

    Join us on Friday, October 22 at 1.30p CT for Chameleon Live - an informal webinar where the Chameleon team will showcase the newest features of the testbed and answer questions from the community. Think of it as office hours to learn all about Chameleon updates and how to use them! Register and submit questions here: https://forms.gle/4itPs913vFTbnnGG9

  • Chameleon on YouTube: Top Chameleon Videos to Learn and Explore

    by Isabel Brunkan

    New to Chameleon? Or are you a Chameleon veteran interested in exploring a new feature or tool you’ve seen on Chameleon, but not sure where to begin? Look no further - we’ve gathered the top Chameleon tutorials for you to use as inspiration! Ranging from full-length webinars to short overview videos, you can learn and explore new ways to experiment on Chameleon!