Articles by Mark Powers

Chameleon Changelog for March 2024

This month, we are very excited to announce CHI@Edge is coming out of preview! We also have new artifacts that allow you to explore Fabnet with, and new per-user SU budgeting.

Chameleon Changelog for January 2024

This month, we bring a lot of updates to our CC-images. And we also remind users about our user survey and upcoming maintenance at CHI@UC.

Chameleon Changelog for December 2023

Happy New Year! We are back and happy to see you are back as well! In this changelog edition we highlight the most significant testbed changes and upgrades from the last year and hint at some surprises yet to come. Looking forward to working with you in 2024!

Chameleon Changelog for November 2023

We had a busy month at Super Computing earlier this month and with IndySCC. We also have been preparing for a virtual reproducibility hackathon next month. Changes this month include improvements to resource reservations, CHI-in-a-box, appliance fixes, and JupyterHub updates.

Chameleon Changelog for October 2023

This month, we’ve been working on improving the testbed with updates to CHI@Edge device OSes, Trovi, the help desk, and a CC-snapshot bug-fix.

Chameleon Changelog for September 2023

This month, we ran a hackathon at IC2E, new devices at CHI@Edge, improved CHI@Edge networking, and fixed issues with network leases, project management, cc-snapshot, and Doni.

Chameleon Changelog for April 2023

As we prepare for the 2023 Chameleon User Meeting, we finish off April with a new Trovi artifact, simple tools to build chameleon images, Xilinx improvements, and blazar client fixes. Don’t forget about the outage at CHI@UC May 7-12.

Chameleon Changelog for March 2023

It’s been a busy month on Chameleon! We finally have Fabric stitching at CHI@TACC, improvements for educational use, trovi roles, improvements to JupyterLab, and CHI-in-a-box updates.

Chameleon Changelog for February 2023

This changelog is packed! The Chameleon User Meeting Call for Presentations is out, and we have new storage FAST’23 experiment artifacts. We finally have an Ubuntu 22 appliance, and many upgrades to the images in general, more GUI improvements, a faster portal, and CHI-in-a-box is easier to get started with.