Articles by Zhuo Zhen

Chameleon Changelog for June 2022

This month, we bring to you the much awaited filesystem preview, and a massive Openstack upgrade. We also have a new CHI-in-a-Box version to go along with the upgrade, and some reservation usability improvements.

All About Traces

The workload traces from data centers facilitate research on the design of computer systems, job scheduling, and resource management.  Researchers can analyze the traces and replicate real-life workloads for their experiments. In this blog, we will briefly review some major released traces and introduce the benefits of using a Chameleon-developed trace generator for easily creating traces from cloud providers who use OpenStack. 

The “History Command” of Chameleon

The history command available in Bash is a useful tool, and you probably use it frequently in your daily routine jobs to check the history of the commands executed by the user. In this blog, we will see how an equivalent tool in Chameleon can help you check the experiment setup events you performed on Chameleon.