Join Us in Advancing Scientific Research through Reproducibility on Chameleon Cloud

Hello folks!

We're on a mission to elevate the impact and reach of computer science research, and we need your help! Chameleon Cloud is not just a testbed; it’s a thriving ecosystem that brings together cutting-edge hardware and software to fuel groundbreaking research. A key pillar of our commitment is fostering reproducibility in scientific research—a critical aspect that ensures your work can be replicated, extended, and built upon by fellow researchers. We're calling for experiments that you want to see packaged into Trovi artifacts and shared with the community.

Submit your experiments for packaging here!

Why Reproducibility Matters?

Imagine a world where your research doesn’t just end with your findings, but becomes a launchpad for further exploration and discovery. That's the power of reproducibility. By sharing your experiments as reproducible artifacts on Chameleon, you’re not only validating your work but also providing a valuable resource for the scientific community to advance knowledge collaboratively.

The Trovi Edge

At Chameleon, we offer Trovi, a cutting-edge service that not only catalogs and shares artifacts used in experiments on Chameleon but also tracks user engagement statistics. Integrated with our JupyterHub environment for ease of use, Trovi provides detailed insights, including the number of views each artifact receives, how frequently it is launched on JupyterHub, and other key engagement metrics.

However, we understand that packaging experiments into reproducible artifacts can be time-consuming. This is where our community comes into play.

Upcoming Event: Reproducibility Hackathon

We’re excited to announce our Reproducibility Hackathon, a virtual event scheduled for December 15, 2023. This event is the first of many aimed at packaging experiments into reproducible artifacts. Our participants are eager to dive into experiments conducted on Chameleon and transform them into valuable resources for the wider research community.

Call for Contributions

Have you recently published research based on experiments conducted on Chameleon or other public testbeds (e.g., CloudLab)? Would you like to see your work attain new heights of impact and utility? We invite you to contribute to our growing repository of reproducible experiments, which we will use to help guide students and researchers searching for reproducible projects. By contributing, you’re not only enhancing the visibility of your research but also contributing to a collaborative effort that benefits the entire scientific community.

How to Contribute

Getting involved is easy. Simply fill out our brief form on the REPETO website with links to your experiments that you would like to see packaged and reproduced, and let us take it from there. Your contribution can make a significant difference in fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

We're counting on you – let's make research reproducibility a reality!

Visit the REPETO website for more information and to contribute to this exciting initiative.



Announcing Virtual Reproducibility Hackathon – December 15th, 2023 – HOLD THE DATE

Learning how to produce reproducible experiments on Chameleon

We are excited to announce our Virtual Reproducibility Hackathon taking place on Friday, December 15th, 2023! See the details below for more information.

Running experiments inside a Jupyter Notebook

Chameleon’s JupyterHub is a great way to organize your experiments for practical reproducibility. To overcome its resource limitations, we describe how to extend the Jupyter Server Trovi artifact so that you can run your full experiment inside a Jupyter notebook.

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