CHI@Edge Tutorial

This artifact includes a Jupyter Notebook that will guide you through the CHI@Edge platform for IoT and edge research.

For more information about using the platform, check out our CHI@Edge documentation and python-chi's container module documentation, the primary interface for orchestrating experiments on CHI@Edge.

What is covered:

  • Reserve a CHI@Edge device
  • Launch a container on the device
  • Interact with the container via python-chi
  • Assign a public IP to a container
  • Upload and download files to and from the container.
  • Orchestrate a full experiment using a popular messaging queue (MQTT)
  • New Training a neural network using the GPU (CUDA, PyTorch) on an Nvidia Jetson Nano
  • Deprecated accessing camera data from devices w/ attached camera peripherals. Instead, see the newer standalone artifact tutorial showcasing the usage of a Pi Camera Module 3 on one of our devices to capture images and video.

Furthermore, check out our recent tutorial on enabling SSH on CHI@Edge to kickstart your CHI@Edge development with a familiar workflow.

We strongly welcome and encourage collaboration from our users on CHI@Edge. If you are interested in contributing development to the platform, whether in the form of container images with interesting workflows (e.g. SSH, VSCode server, GPU support, or other) or device settings/modifications that enable newer workflows, please contact

Happy researching!

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