CHI@Edge Tutorial

This artifact includes a Notebook that will guide you through the new CHI@Edge platform for IoT and edge research.

What is covered:

  • Launch a first container
  • Interacting with the container
  • Assigning a public IP
  • Uploading and downloading
  • Demonstrating a full experiment using MQTT
  • Deprecated accessing camera data from devices w/ attached camera peripherals
  • New Training a neural network using the GPU (CUDA, PyTorch) on an Nvidia Jetson Nano

Contact: chi-edge-users


  • 2024-04-04: Updated the Artifact for Production-ready CHI@Edge and added Nvidia runtime tutorial
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Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

10.5281/zenodo.7083508 (2022-03-30T04:48UTC)
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