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Exploring Process-in-memory Architecture for High-performance Graph Pattern Mining

Graph Pattern Mining (GPMI) applications are considered a new class of data-intensive applications -- they generate massive irregular computation workloads and pose memory access challenges, which degrade the performance and scalability significantly. Researchers at the Illinois Institute of Technology approach the problem by using the emerging process-in-memory architecture. 

Automated Fast-flux Detection using Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithms

Interested in protecting remote devices from malicious actors? Learn about how a researcher at the University of Missouri is approaching this problem with genetic algorithms and host fingerprinting! Also included is a YouTube video where Dr. Aksoy discusses this research.  

One Fish, Two Fish: Choosing Optimal Edge Topologies for Real-Time Autonomous Fish Surveys

Learn how researchers are pairing autonomous vehicles with Chameleon to bridge edge to cloud computation to conduct marine surveys. Featuring work presented at the 2021 Supercomputing conference, with a notebook available on Trovi that you can reproduce yourself, and a YouTube video to accompany it!

Understanding Reliability on Shared Edge

Learn about how researchers at the University of Chicago are using Chameleon’s new edge computing testbed, CHI@Edge to investigate how resource management can be applied to the concept of shared edge to optimize AI applications.

CHI@Edge as a baseline for ARA wireless living lab

Learn about how researchers combine ARA, an at-scale platform for advanced wireless research and CHI@Edge as a baseline software platform for agriculture applications including high-throughput crop phenotyping, precision livestock farming, agriculture automation and rural education.


Using Chameleon for IndySCC 2021

Learn about IndySCC, a virtual version of SuperComputing's Student Cluster Competition (SCC) which was conducted on Chameleon! Learn all about the competition, how it was run with Chameleon, and of course, the winners!

Pegasus at the Edge

Learn all about extending Pegasus, a fully featured workflow management system, to edge devices in one of the first examples of research done on CHI@Edge, Chameleon's edge computing testbed.

A New Facial Authentication Pitfall and Remedy in Web Service

Researchers at the University of Missouri explore novel middle-man data poisoning attacks with facial authentication applications and propose a defense architecture. Learn more about these attacks, their solution, and the researchers themselves in November's featured user experiments blog.

ALERT: Accurate Anytime Learning for energy and timeliness in software systems

Learn about University of Chicago PhD student Chengcheng Wan's research on designing a solution to integrate machine learning components into traditional software systems to maximize energy efficiency, latency, and accuracy constraints at machine learning, system and application levels, with related research published at USENIX ATC, ICML, and ICSE.

A Statistics-Based Performance Testing Methodology for Cloud Applications

University of Texas, San Antonio Professor Wei Wang and PhD student Sen He investigate performance testing for cloud computing research to help make your research more efficient and cost effective. Learn about their research, which won the ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper award in 2019, experience on Chameleon and AWS, and life philosophies.