Chameleon for Christmas

Dear Chameleon Users,



As the year draws to a close, we’d like to thank you all for your support and patience — and for sharing with us all your exciting work you have done as well as insights on how to make the testbed better. If you have not yet done this, look at the <user blog="" experiments="" of="" tag="" this=""> to see profiles of interesting work our users have done in this and previous years (aaand… we saved the best for last, make sure to check out the blog post on Monday!) We are proud to support such a creative and hard-working community and are looking forward to working with you in the New Year!</user>

First, a quick heads up that the Chameleon Help Desk will be on snooze during the Holidays, starting from December 24. We will be back bright and early on January 3rd, and at that time will do our best to put your troubles are out of sight (people might occasionally get woken up by rowdy reindeer -- but don’t count on it).

Second, we'd like to continue the "Chameleon for Christmas" tradition and make the pre-Christmas week the double lease week: between roughly noon on December 19th and noon on December 22nd, you will be able to make requests for 14 day leases, taking you well into the New Year. (Yes folks, this does include the GPU nodes.) This way, while you are on holiday, your experiments can work twice as hard and hopefully yield some interesting insight for you to greet the New Year with. Just remember – once the clock strikes twelve on Thursday, December 22nd this special feature goes away!

Happy Holidays from the Chameleon team!


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