Fugaku Nodes now at CHI@TACC

Interested in the Fugaku Supercomputer? We now have 8 Fugaku nodes (Fujitsu FX700), available in CHI@TACC! Each of these nodes has a 48 core ARM A64FX CPU, 32 GiB of HBM2 memory, 512GB of NVMe storage, and HDR100 Infiniband. Notably, the high-bandwidth memory and non-x86 architecture are hard to find in other systems. TACC’s Frontera Supercomputer originally procured these for evaluation, but they’re now available for general use in Chameleon.


You can find them in our hardware browser by selecting “site: tacc” and “Platform Type: aarch64”


Or, reserve them through Horizon at CHI@TACC with the “compute_arm64” node type.


Note: As these are ARM64 nodes, you’ll need to use compatible disk images with them. We suggest “CC-Ubuntu20.04-ARM64”.

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