Chameleon Changelog for December 2019

Great news in Chameleon-land!


From everyone at Chameleon, we hope you had a pleasant holiday and welcome to the new year! This update’s a short one due to all the festivities happening of late.


Floating DNS hostnames available for HTTPS experiments. If you’ve been exposing web interfaces over the public internet, you may have already played around with generating a self-signed certificate to secure your traffic. Now there is a better way: you can use a stable hostname assigned to your Floating IP. This allows you to e.g. use LetsEncrypt’s DNS verification to generate a certificate signed by a trusted CA. For more information about this, please refer to our documentation.


Legacy KVM environment being decommissioned this month. As we announced, the old KVM environment is being replaced by a new deployment, and you should work to migrate your workloads. We will be doing the final teardown of the old cluster this month.


Upcoming webinars in this quarter:

  • Jan. 14th @ 2-3pm CT: Introduction to Chameleon (register)
  • Feb. 11th @ 2-3pm CT: Orchestration: Ansible (register)
  • Mar. 10th @ 2-3pm CT: Orchestration: Jupyter Notebooks (register)
  • Apr. 7th @ 2-3pm CT: Introduction to Chameleon (register)
  • May 12th @ 2-3pm CT: Orchestration: Heat Templates (register)


Upcoming conference submission deadlines:

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