CHI-in-a-Box QuickStart

This artifact demonstrates the general process for setting up a Chameleon Associate Site via CHI-in-a-Box.

Check out the full QuickStart guide on the CHI-in-a-Box wiki for more detailed information. This artifact serves as an interactive companion to that documentation.

With this appliance you will:

  • Reserve a bare metal node on Chameleon along with 2 Floating IPs. One will be used as your "out of band" and SSH access and the other will provide all of the CHI services.
  • Deploy a CentOS 8 image on to your reserved node and configure it for 2 network addresses.
  • Generate a TLS certificate via LetsEncrypt to secure the exposed service endpoints.
  • Clone the CHI-in-a-Box provisioning code, configure your QuickStart site, and deploy the CHI services to the node.

Support contact:

40 7 - 3 Apr. 8, 2024, 2:51 PM


Launch on Chameleon

Launching this artifact will open it within Chameleon’s shared Jupyter experiment environment, which is accessible to all Chameleon users with an active allocation.

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