Chameleon to present at PEARC19 HARC Workshop

Posted by Stephanie Suber on July 27, 2019

Chameleon PI Kate Keahey and Chameleon DevOps lead Jason Anderson will present on Monday, July 29 at the PEARC19 workshop Humans in the Loop: Enabling and Facilitating Research on Cloud Computing.

This workshop explores the important role of humans, in support roles, in making cloud computing useful in research settings. Cloud computing is clearly a type of cyberinfrastructure, which workshop organizer Craig Stewart defines as comprising “computing systems, data storage systems, advanced instruments and data repositories, visualization environments, and people, all linked together by software and high performance networks to improve research productivity and enable breakthroughs not otherwise possible" (2017). This workshop will focus on the "and people" part of cyberinfrastructure, and in particular on the role of people in supporting the use of commercial cloud resources in research.

The overall goal of this workshop is to share information about best practices, successes, and challenges in supporting research use of commercial clouds. Keahey and Alexander will contribute to these goals by sharing operational lessons learned while working with Chameleon Cloud. 

View the workshop agenda here

View the workshop abstracts here

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