Basic Jupyter Server

This is the most basic way to set up a minimal Jupyter server on a Chameleon instance so that you can run your notebooks directly on powerful hardware.

It spawns a single instance with your desired image on your desired network. Jupyter is installed on the instance as a systemd service, and you can connect to it over an SSH tunnel. The command to do so, and the URL to connect to the server, are generated by this notebook.

If you are looking for a more advanced configuration (JupyterHub, TLS, multiple users, authentication, accessible directly via HTTPS), please look at the Advanced Appliance Artifact.


  • 2023-05-05: Initial upload
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Launch on Chameleon

Launching this artifact will open it within Chameleon’s shared Jupyter experiment environment, which is accessible to all Chameleon users with an active allocation.

Download Archive

Download an archive containing the files of this artifact.

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