CHI@Edge Sensors and GPIO tutorial

The following tutorial aims to provide a series of examples on how to use the Waveshare sense hat's (B) onboard sensors to record various metrics about the environment on CHI@Edge-hosted Raspberry Pi devices.

Recommended pre-requisite: we strongly recommend completing the official CHI@Edge tutorial prior to attempting this tutorial.

The CHI@Edge Sensors and GPIO Tutorial artifact contains the following files

  • Dockerfile that specifies a container image with the Adafruit blinka and rpi-lgpio software stack and each sensor's specific CircuitPython libraries for easy usage within python.

  • Jupyter notebook that showcases how to read values using each of the sensors using AdaFruit Blinka and CircuitPython libraries. First, by showing how to lease a pre-configured sense hat-enabled device and then launch a fully featured container with the right device profiles and dependencies and several example scripts showcasing the use of the different sensors.

  • Example Python scripts to read values from the various sensors.

  • Readme with more in-depth information about how this device was set up behind the scenes to accommodate sense hat support.

This artifact is maintained on a best-effort basis by our support team, contributions to this peripheral support or any peripheral support on CHI@Edge are highly welcome.

We encourage our users to visit the newly updated official documentation on how to enable peripherals on CHI@Edge devices.

Happy sensing!

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