Chameleon Changelog for November 2022

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break. As you may know, the IndySCC competition took place on Chameleon early in November and the results are in! Check them out on the SC22 website – we were thrilled to support the competition and hope that it will be an inspiration and a blueprint for other competitions to come. We’ve also been busy as normal with more updates to the testbed.

A100 with InfiniBand. The five A100 nodes at UC now have HDR InfiniBand cards added. This additional connection allows for experiments to link multiple GPU nodes, or any of the other nodes on the InfiniBand fabric, such as the SSD storage nodes. You can find these in the hardware discovery page by using the InfiniBand advanced filter.

New Hardware Filters. Baremetal experimentation on Chameleon makes it possible for experiments to get close to the hardware. We’ve updated our Hardware Discovery page with more advanced filters, making it easier for you to find the resources on Chameleon you need. Now, you can filter both SSD and network device information by model and vendor. As always, if you have any questions, please contact our help desk.

If you are interested in learning more about using Chameleon, check out this month’s user experiment blog: Zeus: GPU Energy as a First-Class Resource in DNN Training. Happy experimenting!

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